Preparing for the Good Food Box

So I've officially resumed my bi-weekly subscription to our local CSA, here called the "Good Food Box."
I will post tomorrow with photos of my newest haul & some of the past ones I hadn't yet mentioned. :)

But today, however, is the day I prepare for such a large influx of produce. I need to sort out what I already have and somehow "deal with it."  Today's cleanup was very simple. I still had the celeriac from the last box,  some limp celery, and some onions nearing their end.

Now I'll introduce what I typically do with leftover and scrap veggies.
I freeze them.
Yeah, nearly all of them. Now.
I always froze onions, celery, and peppers. Onions & peppers mostly for convenience, celery because for awhile I just couldn't use it all (though that is less of a problem these days with kids who like celery for a snack).  I used to immediately chop and freeze half of my celery. It still works well in any cooked dish (casseroles or soups, for example). Now I have a different approach. When/if I have celery that is a bit limpy, it's time to freeze it.
Here's what I do with the celery.
  1. Chop off the very bottom, pull all the stalks apart and wash them.
  2. Cut the stalks to about 4 inches long and freeze those for stuffing inside a roast chicken. 
  3. Tear off all the leaves and toss or compost (or if you're really feeling thrifty, dry them...)
  4. Put remaining bits and pieces into a giant freezer bag.


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