Iced Coffee & Iced Cappuccinos

It's summer, it's hot, and lately I'm really not in the mood for a hot cup of coffee in the morning. I want Iced Cappuccinos; those deliciously icey and caffeinated drinks from that heavenly Canadian coffee chain not named after an elephant. Oh man, I could drink three a day. But that would be wrong.

I've been saving all my leftover coffee (which has been a lot lately since we make it out of habit then often don't drink as much, if any).  I keep a 2qt pitcher in the fridge, and fill it up with the leftover brew.  When it is full, I pour it into a big saucepan, add 1/2 cup sugar, and boil it down to about half to 1/3 it's original volume. Sugar doesn't dissolve so well in cold, that's why I add it to the boiling coffee instead of later.  Now I have this delicious coffee syrup in my fridge (boil it down more and it can be used for even more awesome stuff like homemade coffee ice cream).  When I want a fantastic iced coffee, I mix half "syrup" and half milk (or more milk, as you like it...), add ice and OMG YUM.

If I have more time, patience, and the kids aren't tugging at my clothes, I'll make my own iced cappuccino. This is almost exactly the same as the iced coffee, only I put it in the blender (with lots of ice!). It can be topped with whipped cream and chocolate (which I also happen to have on hand...).

I'm even considering brewing some decaf and making a decaf version of my coffee syrup for an evening treat that won't keep me up all night...

Just be sure to keep the "syrup" in the fridge. It will mold if you don't.

Here's the breakdown
  • 1qt leftover coffee + 1/4c sugar (think 1 quart + 1
  • milk
  • ice
 Anyway, enjoy! :D

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