Hot Dogs & Potatoes!

Basic Ingredients:

  • 6 hot dogs (more or less)
  • 5 small potatoes (more or less)
  • vegetable oil
  • frozen corn
  • thinly sliced onion (1/2)

    Another one of my Mom's classics. Quick, but definitely not the healthiest. After having kids I realized I should probably add a vegetable, so I add corn. It's also fine without corn. But certainly not any healthier than a meal of hot dogs & french fries. The best thing about this meal is you can make as much or as little as you want depending on how many people you are feeding. :)

    Basic Instructions: Peel & chop potatoes into cubes. Par-boil in salted water. Chop hot dogs (1-2 per person). It's good to have a ratio of 1:1 potatoes to hot dogs. Drain potatoes, toss them in a large bowl with some seasonings. I highly recommend salt and pepper, of course, plus some onion powder or onion salt (instead of regular salt) or maybe celery salt (I've even used both - also Montreal Steak Seasoning is great for home fries). In a large pan, heat some oil on med-high. Add potatoes & fry them up! (These are basically home fries.) Put them in the oil and don't touch them! For around 5 minutes (until starting to brown). Then stir them around, and let them sit a little more. Then when potatoes are nearly browned enough, add hot dogs (and onions, if you like)! When everything is nearly finished, add the corn (I sit the corn in some hot water while everything else is cooking). Make sure you drain them carefully because water droplets + hot oil = painful splatters!

    Cost Breakdown:

    Hot Dogs$2.50

    Cost of hot dogs based on an *entire* package. Potatoes and corn are estimated, of course. I can get an entire 10lb bag of potatoes for $2, so I'm kind of overestimating. Edit: When not on sale, a 10lb bag of potatoes here is 4.50, so even if I use 2lbs of potatoes it still costs less than $1.

    Afterthought: Adding onions is delicious, but not necessary. My son certainly didn't like having them there... but then again, I did.
    1. Fallan

      March 2, 2011 at 6:44 PM

      This so reminds me of my moms cooking. Sounds good! Though, I don't know if I could get Adam to eat it. We grew up eating wayyyy different things. Haha.

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