Bread Machine Pizza

Before I even got a chance to introduce anyone here to my awesome pizza I discovered an entirely new option. Bread Machine pizza. (For people without a bread machine, I still plan to post my older pizza recipe.)

I've always made my own pizza. Frozen pizzas or delivery were special-occasion treats while homemade pizza is a once- or twice-a-week meal.

  1. Dough. I always make my own dough. I found a recipe that works for me and have stuck with it.  Today I've tried a new one with the bread machine. See below for how that went! I buy the yeast by the jar and keep it in the freezer.
  2. Cheese. Don't buy it already shredded. Buy big bricks and buy them on sale whenever/asoften as possible. You can freeze bricks, or shredded (great if you buy a TON). I used to always use a handheld cheese grater (a good quality one) and shred only enough for what I was making. It kept me from having to freeze the cheese, but added extra prep time.  Now I've been given a food processor which worked GREAT until I broke... something. It just doesn't work so well anymore. :( Entire bricks of cheese can be grated in the food processor and then frozen for later use.
  3. Frozen toppings! I keep chopped onions in my freezer nearly all the time. They're great for adding to pizzas! (Not only does this save time but money as well! In the fall we can get 10lb bags of onions for $1-2, no kidding! So I chop & freeze most of them!)  Also, chopped green pepper, spinach, and pepperonis all freeze quite well. I've not had such luck with ham, however. [On a non-pizza note, celery can be frozen and used later in soups and casseroles - saves from losing half a bunch to wilting!]  

So here's how the bread machine pizza dough worked out. 
(Sorry, didn't get pictures of the sleek new machine at work.)

The dough was a little loose coming out of the machine. I was expecting a nice solid lump of dough, but instead it was soft and airy. I dumped it out onto a floured pan and rolled it around and it easily formed a nice ball. The recipe's instructions said to let it sit another 10 minutes under a bowl.

This was a lot of dough! So after resting I divided the dough into two balls.   This dough was so wonderfully elastic that I could toss it! Like real pizza dough! I didn't realize this until the second ball, so I made the first one the way I would with my usual dough and it came out slightly odd-shaped. 

I topped it with pizza sauce (it really doesn't matter to me what kind, I sometimes even use leftover spaghetti sauce though I prefer not to), some basil, oregano, and parmesan cheese. Then add the toppings (this time it was only pepperoni & cheese - not my usual)! 

Bake it (350 is fine) until the cheese looks yummy and the crust looks toasty!
Yums! I am *definitely* making this again.

I topped the second pizza and popped it in the freezer. Cooked it up a couple of days later and it was great! Unfortunately, I forgot to grease the pan so the frozen one REAALLY stuck. And the dough was a bit too thick on that one. But it froze well!

Um. The end! 

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