Week-end Wrap-up

Week-end Wrap-up

DH and I have been discussing what we still need to get to make sure we're set for the winter. Another large bag of flour, a can of ketchup, another large jug of Kikkoman, and a large can of baking powder are some of the things we discussed.  Fortunately, my lovely food bank gave us the exact baking powder I was thinking of!  (I use a lot to make my own bisquick mix, to fluff up my eggs, and of course for other baking recipes.)

Wednesday we signed up for the Good Food Box (which should come in next Wednesday).  I also took the time to chop and freeze 4 broccolis and a head of cauliflower.

Thursday I visited the food bank.  They gave me plenty of bread and milk (a bunch of 1 pint cartons, the kids love it), some fresh fruit and veggies, and another giant can of diced yellow peppers (among other things, of course).  I also chopped/sliced and froze 4 zucchinis (two I froze chopped for pastas and two in thin half-circle slices for veggie-fajitas).

Thursday night I made a simple lentil soup with the rest of the cabbage I had from the last Good Food Box.  I sauteed some onion, celery (chopped & frozen), carrot, and a bit of cumin... added cabbage, diced tomatoes (half the tomatoes, all the juice, saved the tomatoes for another meal), half a chicken bouillion cube, water, and a can of lentils.  The food bank gives me a can of lentils nearly every time I visit; perhaps I'll do an entire article on lentils ... or soups... or one of each.

Friday I made a variation of my mother's "chop suey." Instead of just onion, ground beef, macaroni, and tomato soup I added green peppers and zucchini, replaced the beef with sausage, and added the remaining diced tomatoes from Thursday.

Saturday I made this frittata (recipe coming soon).

Today is Sunday... spaghetti night. Sausage, frozen zucchini & mediterranean veggie mix

See you next week! Or... sooner? :)


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