Hey! 6 months later and I'm back again!
Let's just say I was a bit busy this summer and just get right back into things!

We've reached the end of the first week of September (and the first true week of school)!  To celebrate the last day of school for the week, I will make one of the kids' favorites for dinner - fried potatoes and hot dogs!  I was inspired by this week's sale on potatoes at Maxi (and my little boy repeatedly asking for it).

Follow me to the recipe! (Hey, that rhymes...)

Today's grocery stock-up trip:

$1.44 Catelli pasta sauce (PM Super C)
$.50 cream of mushroom soups
$.50 creamed corn
$.50 corn niblets
$1.99 10lb potatoes (I've seen lower prices, but I'm out of taters)
$5.48 olive oil
$3.99 Nestle Iced Tea (yeah, I do make my own, but sometimes I just NEED this... sometimes)
$7.97 Coffee Mate (not on sale, but even so it's still cheaper to buy the large canisters... and no, I can't live without it... not for long anyway.)
$1.15 meatball sauce (50%off pink sticker! Never tried this before but my son has also been asking me to make meatballs. I've never really made meatballs that weren't part of spaghetti, but we'll give it a try.)
I hope to return for the $1.99 10lb onions and some more of the Catelli pasta sauce and $.50 tomato soup.

You may notice a severe lack of fresh fruits and veggies. No worries, I got the Good Food Box on Wednesday.
And it was the perfect box.
2 lettuce, 5 cukes, 2pks green onions, 2 mangoes, 6 tomatoes, 4 green peppers, 10 pretty carrots, 1 celery, 1 cabbage, 8 bananas, 8 oranges (minneolas), 8 apples.Photo: The perfect box today! I love this program! :)

 So, some of my meal ideas for the rest of the weekend and into next week:
* borscht (to use up that cabbage and some beets from the last box!)
* chicken stew (it's getting cold, and I've got a big package of frozen chicken legs)
* Spaghetti (kids love it!)
* Stuffed peppers (to use the green peppers... and 'cause it's fantastic)
* chili (because why not?)
* chicken something casserole (broccoli & rice? .... maybe biscuit! I don't know yet... whatever I've got... probably biscuit... to use up the rest of the chicken leg meat)
* quiche (I have too many eggs already, and at $1.44/dzn I'm tempted to get more...)

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