Weekend Wrap-Up

March 11 - March 17

Monday - "Pizza-geddon" Pizza Casserole
       Leftover spaghetti sauce (with sausages!) with chopped onion, green pepper, pepperoni, tossed with pasta (penne this time) and covered with cheese. Baked until warm and melty!

Tuesday - "Brinner"
       Breakfast for dinner! Eggs, toast, ham, and hash browns.

Wednesday - Pork Chop Casserole
       Recipe & photos coming real soon.  Pork chops and green beans smothered in yummy sauce, topped with stuffing, served on noodles.

Thursday - Salmon Cakes
       Click above for the recipe. Made a larger batch than that old recipe, served with cauliflower, peas, and sauce (husband spiced up the sauce a bit, too).

Ideas for next week:
Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Grocery Wrap-Up

Trip to Food Bank Monday:
Frozen quiche, tortellini, fresh cauliflower, fresh green beans, plums and apples, plenty of the usual canned & boxed stuffs, 2 loaves of sliced bread & 1 french loaf.

$3.99 8lbs of grapefruit
Super C
$1.79/lb chicken breast (with back)
$2.34 for 2dzn eggs (3/$5 - $1wub2 coupon)

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