Weekend Wrap-Up

January 27 - February 2
See, this is how my meal planning goes. Nothing like what I had suggested after last week's wrap-up. I only made two of my suggested meals, the two I knew I really wanted to make.  I did not have the option of hotdogs & potatoes because I did not pick up the large bags of potatoes on sale this week. Instead I found a better sale which began this Thursday. So I was out of potatoes until the weekend. I also went to the food bank on Monday which gave me some items I wanted to use up more quickly.

Also, probably once a week I wind up calling my Mom with a "dinner emergency" - either I'm out of time and I don't know what to do for dinner or I'm trying something new and not sure if I'm on the right track (last week it was about the lentil soup). This week it was Wednesday. I had no idea what to do and I was running out of time.  I usually have some backup meal ideas for nights like this, but this week my "backup" had been fried potatoes and hotdogs, which as I already explained I could not do. I also had the option of pasta or chop suey, but since I had just made cabbage rolls the night before it just seemed like too much tomato soup/sauce.  Tuna casserole is always a good backup, but it just doesn't seem to be enough for all four of us these days, and I knew the hubster would be home for dinner.  So, I called my "dinner doctor."  I named off some of the items I had around, some of my ideas and why they weren't working, and explained that everything (regarding meat) was still frozen.  Her genius idea: lo mein. She also makes a most delicious lo mein. I could never possibly make it as awesome as she does.  She really needs to be writing for us here. :)

Monday - Open-Face Chicken Sandwiches
Went to the food bank and (among many other things) got some delicious french bread and two legs and thighs of rotisserie chicken. Wanted to use them fast so I made open-faced sandwiches with chicken, tomatoes, and mozarella. Topped with a little fresh basil from my windowsill and put under the broiler to melt the cheese.  Served with the leftover mashed potatoes and peas from salmon night on Saturday. Finished off the rest of the pumpkin cake for desert.

Tuesday - Cabbage Rolls

Wednesday - Yakisoba
Now, I mentioned above that my dear mother recommended I make lo mein for dinner. Well, I was getting out all my ingredients and noticed right next to my chow mein noodles was a package of soba noodles! I picked them up awhile back and had forgotten all about them!  So I decided to make an old college favorite - yakisoba. Or, at least, my take on it.

Thursday - General Tao's Chicken & Eggrolls
Another recipe coming soon! (This is one of my favorite take-out meals. Since we can't afford take-out, I thought I should give it a try at home. Turns out really great! Better than some of our usual restaurants.)

Friday - Everything Soup
We were planning to do burgers & onion rings, but with all the fried food we had the night before we needed something not... greasy. So we made soup. My mother calls it "garbage soup" or "leftover soup."  It starts like my alphabet tomato soup but we add everything and anything that we might need to clear out of the fridge.  This time it included diced tomatoes, onions, carrot, celery, garlic (the base), then some frozen leftover turkey, chopped turnip, tiny leftover frozen spinach, frozen leek, leftover corn, and some other ingredients I can't remember at the moment. Also made cheddar biscuits.

Saturday - Mini Bagel Pizzas & KD

We got a bag of mini bagels from the food bank Monday. Sat. morning I met up with some couponing friends for a lovely morning. Among the conversation a friend pointed out that bagel bites were on sale - I love those! So I thought it'd be great to make mini pizzas with the mini bagels I had! Leftover tomato sauce, finely chopped pepperoni (I keep sliced pepperoni in the freezer for pizzas), and topped with mozarella. Baked until delicious!  Served it with KD and the rest of the leftover corn.

Sunday - Spaghetti & Sausage
It seems every week we do a spaghetti or pasta dish. Not a bad idea- it's cheap and I get plenty of pasta & sauce from the food bank.  Sometimes I'm lazy like last week and don't do anything special to it. Tonight I made my favorite - spaghetti & sausage. Chopped an onion, cooked with chopped sausage, added garlic, two cans of sauce, spices, simmer... Easy and delicious. Served with garlic bread (of course).

Extras this week:
* Made extra egg rolls to freeze
* Made my own bisquick mix
* Made flour tortillas
* Attempted corn tortillas
* Homemade chicken stock

Ideas for next week: turkey chili, hot dogs & potatoes (I WILL get those potatoes), chicken tacos (need lettuce), salmon cakes, borscht (maybe), pork chops, udon/ramen, stuffed peppers, pasta bake


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