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This blog started out intending to be more about cooking, couponing, and general thriftiness.  However, we've unfortunately hit a bit of rough situation financially.  So for the next few months or so there will be very little talk about coupons and amazing grocery sales (though some fantastic ones will be noted).  There will also be a hold on those drool-worthy Good Food Box posts. Instead, there will likely be a lot more references to donated food and visits to the food bank. I will still try to estimate prices for the recipes, however. 

So, despite our situation we've been rather fortunate because we have plenty of wonderful organizations in our neighborhood to help us out.  I've recently started visiting a food bank nearby, and they've been extremely helpful. We also received quite an incredible Christmas donation box. So really, we've had plenty of food - but I have to get a bit creative with some of these ingredients.

I am fortunate enough that my food bank has had fresh food - fruit, veggies, bread, even milk and yogurt. The bread is sometimes day-old, so I take it home and put it in my freezer. Since I make my own bread I seek out bagels or other sorts of bread I don't usually make. (Lately I've been bringing home at least one large french bread, which I cut into cross-wise then lengthwise and freeze for garlic bread on spaghetti nights.)

There are two things I need to get used to when it comes to visiting the food bank. First, I can't be picky; we need food and I'm grateful for whatever we can get. I have to learn to like new things, or at least find good ways to use them.  Some things really aren't that bad - things like instant dinner sides- I'm just used to making my own, so these taste a little off to me.  Other things I've never cooked before - I never tried cooking with lentils before, now I find I'm using them at least once a week.  And some things are a little odd and I have trouble figuring out how to use, which is when a call to my Mom is very helpful.

Second, I need to watch out for expired or expiring food. There has been plenty of it, but much of it is still good. Just because something is "expired" doesn't necessarily mean it's inedible. It depends on the item, I'm sure, but give it a look before giving it a toss. (Though I did decide against eating the 9-years-past-expiration can of beefaroni.)


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