Weekend Wrap-Up

February 18 - February 24

Okay, so I forgot to keep track for awhile - we'll just skip over that last oneThis week was a bit tricky to balance. Our cupboards are getting a little low and we were extra short on cash at the beginning of the week.  Since I can only visit the food bank twice a month, I try to space it out at least two weeks apart. While I thought I would need to go earlier, I managed to put it off (I will definitely be going tomorrow, though).

Monday - Turkey Chili
Diced tomatoes, kidney beans, leftover frozen turkey, corn niblets, tomato sauce, garlic,

Tuesday - Hot Dogs "in a blanket"
Requested by my son! Hot dogs wrapped in pizza dough (with cheese). Baked. Dip in ketchup and/or mustard! 

Wednesday - Soup & ployes
Leftover soup - tossed in whatever. Homemade chicken stock, celery (getting wilty), onion, garlic, carrot, cabbage, lentils, etc... Served with ployes.

Thursday - Turkey Chilli casserole
Used leftovers from the turkey chili on Monday for a pasta bake. Mixed with extra sauce, green peppers, noodles, topped with cheese and baked. Deeeeelicious.

Friday - Cheeseburger Mac
Splurged on a brick of Velveeta this week.  Made a giant batch of my Cheeseburger Macaroni. Realized we were out of canned corn, so used a frozen combo of niblets & creamed corn. (I made shepherd's pie sometime last week. When I make shepherd's pie, if I can I prefer to use 50/50 niblets and creamed corn. I take the other half of each can and freeze it for the next shepherd's pie.)

Saturday -BBQ Pork & Rice

Sunday - Lentil Stew on Pasta
I found this recipe in a crockpot cookbook.  Diced tomatoes, lentils, onion, carrot, celery, green pepper, water, garlic, marjoram, chicken stock, stewed all day.  Recipe called for couscous, but since I'm out I thought rice or orzo would do.  I also didn't want to "waste" my last can of diced tomatoes on an experiment - fortunately I had a frozen container of them from some other dish.  I also added the rest of some red pepper pasta sauce (~1/4c) for a little extra tomato-flavor.

Extras this week:
  • Lots of pancakes!

Dinner ideas for next week:
         I will work this out after a visit to the food bank tomorrow. I do have the ingredients for chili, salmon cakes, more cheeseburger mac, more soups, more spaghetti...
Grocery Wrap-Up

$4.99 Velveeta

$6.08 Milk (price went up!)
$1.25 strawberries
$1.29 2 mangoes (clearance shelf)
$1.74 cereal
$4.88-$.75  900g mozarella
$2.75 instant coffee
$1 cabbage ($.29/lb)

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