Zucchini Casserole

This is amazing. Really one of my number-one favorites ever. Even better as leftovers (if there's any left!!!).

What you need:
* Box of Stuffing
* Sour Cream  (one cup)
* Cream of chicken soup (or make your own - I did this time and it came out great)
* Zucchini (about 3 should do - chopped into bite-size chunks. As you see pictured I have frozen zucchini that I had blanched and frozen back in the fall.)
* Carrots (Shredded - Two is probably enough, three if they're smallish)
* Ground Beef (only need about a pound - obviously more is pictured)

Step 1: Brown beef. (You can add onions if you like. This time I did not.) Add to first layer of casserole dish. While beef is cooking you may want to boil water for your zucchini. In this case, my zucchini was already cooked, just frozen. So I rinsed it under some water to partially de-frost it and remove extra ice.

Step 2:
After zucchini is par-boiled use the hot water to mix stuffing in a seperate bowl using the box's instructions. (Or just make stuffing with hot water.) Mix about half the stuffing mix in with the beef in the dish.

Step 3: In another bowl, mix together zucchini, carrot, 1c sour cream and 1 can (or 1 cup homemade) cream of chicken soup. Add more sour cream if needed. (You want more than enough to cover all veggies - you want it goopy). Layer on top of beef/stuffing.

Step 4: Sprinkle remaining stuffing over the top! Bake until bubbly and stuffing looks browned/crispy. (350 for maybe 45 minutes. I really can't remember. All ingredients are cooked - you just want it nice and bubbly with a crispy top.)

Voila! The best yummiest delicious spectacular zucchini dish ever.

Price Breakdown:
Beef (1lb)                  $2
Stuffing                      $2
Cream of Chicken     $0.79
Sour Cream              $1.15
Zucchini                    $1.5
Carrot                       $0.18
Total:                        $7.62
(Could serve 6 - but 4 of us stuffed our faces.)

(This price breakdown is based on: $2/lb ground beef, stuffing was donated but I wouldn't normally spend more than $2, cream of chicken was homemade but I usually would spend .79/can, sour cream was 50%off but regular price is around $2.30 and I only used about half, zucchini I try to get for $.99/lb or less although this batch was in my csa box - I have no idea how much this would have weighed but definitely no more than 1.5lbs so we can safely assume $1.5 or less for zucchini, for carrots see borscht recipe for price. )

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