Weekend Wrap-Up

So, many blogs regarding budget cooking like to post weekly meal plans.
I'm not good at meal planning, really. I usually have a list of about 10 possible meals I can cook for the week - I pick 2 or 3 recipes I will definitely make, then I fill in the blanks with whatever I'm in the mood for.  So instead of sharing what I WILL do for the week, which I'm never entirely sure of, I will share what we DID do. (I also considered daily updates but since I'm not so good at the posting-everyday routine I thought this would be more convenient.)

Sunday - Butter Chicken
I had a 4-pk of bone-in chicken breast. I cut 3 breasts from the bone, put the remaining breast & all bones in a freezer bag (plan to use later for chicken stew).  Chopped the 3 into cubes, cooked in pan, added broccoli, added sauce, simmered... (all as per instructions on jar of butter chicken sauce). Served with jasmine rice and homemade naan.

Monday - Chili
Was planning to do turkey chili, but didn't get around to starting early. Turkey chili is better if it can sit all day in a crockpot. So instead I did my usual beef & kidney beans combo.  I also made my favorite cornbread - easy and delicious.

Tuesday - Cheeseburgers
Well, there's not much to this one. I made the buns, made some hamburger patties, put it all together. :) Served with a baked potato & a broccoli.

Wednesday - Sloppy Joes
Decided to spice up my usual sloppy joes with pepperoni. Served with green beans.

Thursday - Lentil Soup
My first attempt at lentil soup. It came out alright. I used lentils, canned diced tomato, onions, collard greens (got some in the good food box), cabbage, quinoa, chicken stock...  Served with ployes!

Friday - Spaghetti
Lazy night. I just heated a jar of pasta sauce with zucchini.

Saturday - Salmon Cakes

It's been a loooooooong time since I made these. I forgot how delicious they are!! I have a recipe posted here, but I had to do it a little different this time. I didn't have bread, so I used breadcrumbs (mostly from a very stale baguette). I also used one large (keta salmon) and one small can (sockeye) of salmon, and an entire small onion.  Also, instead of baking, I fried them in a little margarine on the stove. Served with mashed potatoes, peas, and white sauce!

Sunday - Pizza
Tonight we'll be making pizza. Just regular old pepperoni pizza. I don't have any regular pizza sauce left, so I will probably use the leftover pasta sauce from this week. (I opened the jar of zucchini sauce for spaghetti and a can of plain thick sauce for chili and sloppy joes. I mixed them together into the zucchini jar in the fridge.)

Looking back, I realize this was kind of a lazy week for me. The most work I did was making hamburger buns and lentil soup. Even the salmon cakes I had my husband helping in the kitchen. Maybe next week will get more complicated.

Ideas for next week include: taco soup (never tried this before!), cabbage rolls, borscht, fried hot dogs & potatoes, and general tao's chicken (and eggrolls?).  Other options include meatloaf, chicken stew, or pork roast.


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