Homemade Laundry Detergent

DIY Laundry Detergent, everybody's doing it! Well, I'm seeing a lot of it on pinterest these days. We were down to our last jug of regular ol' liquid laundry soap and thought we'd give this a try instead. We bought borax (about $5 for 2kg), washing soda (about $7 for 3kg), and Jergens bar soap ($1.25 - okay, we actually already had this on hand), and I used a free sample of scent booster for, well, scent boosting.

Step 1: Grate a bar of soap. I just used the large cheese side of my cheese grater, I will process it further in my blender in step 3.
Step 2: Measure into a bowl/bucket 1 cup each borax and washing soda. Mix (stir, shake, whatever).
Step 3: Further grate the soap by blending in a blender. I put this as step 3 as I like to add some of the borax/soda mix to help with the blending process. Just blend until the soap is in little bits and it looks like, well, powdered laundry detergent.
Step 4 is optional! I realized the soap didn't smell like much. I found I had some free samples of this scent booster stuff - I added about half the sample (2tbsp). For the first batch I left the little bits whole. This second batch I put some back in the blender to help better distribute the scent. I think either way works fine. You can use more or less scent stuff, depending on what you like. You could also add essential oils instead, or so I've read. :)

Voila! You have laundry soap. First batch I kept in a giant empty ice cream tub, this time I found a nice jar that one batch fits nicely into.  I use about 1-2 tbsp per load, I got 37 tbsp from this batch (yes, I measured as I filled up my jar).

I've estimated at least 13c washing soda and at least 8c borax per box.  If this is true, then it would cost about $15 for 8 batches, or 296 loads. That's 5 cents a load. The last liquid detergent I bought was about $4 for 40 loads, which is 10 cents per load. So, this is saving at least half the cost!

Per batch break-down
1 bar of soap:             $0.42
1 cup borax:               $0..57
1 cup washing soda:    $0.55
Batch total:       $1.54 for 36 loads

Of course, keep in mind I know many people can find borax and washing soda and even the soap for less than I did. Especially any readers in the States. But still, the savings are clear. :)

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