Cheeseburger Macaroni

Yesterday we were out all day until 4:00, which didn't leave us many options for dinner.

Some nights you just want an easy dinner. Something quick and simple and packed with sodium. I'm thinking of those handy boxes where you just add meat and cook everything in one skillet.
I'm sick of those.
So I thought I'd try something better.

Cheeseburger Macaroni
You need:
* 2-3 cups cooked macaroni noodles (or other fun noodle shape)
* 2-3 tbsp tomato sauce (or 1 tbsp tomato paste)
* Processed cheese product (Velveeta)
* milk
* corn (or other veggies - we tried broccoli last night since we were out of corn)
* 1/2 lb ground beef (1 whole pound is better, but we're really trying to stretch our dollar and half is enough for just the four of us)
* seasonings (basil, oregano, onion)

Brown the beef (seasoned with salt & pepper). Add a couple spoonfuls of tomato sauce (any kind will do). Add some seasonings such as oregano, onion, basil (if your sauce is on the plain side, add extra). Pour in a little milk (you will add more as you melt the cheese to balance) and add two big thick slice of processed cheese. Stir it around, add more cheese and milk, until you have a nice sauce and enough to coat your noodles. Add noodles and corn, mix it up, serve it up! :)

Macaroni           $0.25
Beef  (1/2lb)      $1
Cheese              $1
Corn                  $0.33
Milk                   $0.35
Tomato Sauce    $0.10
Total:                        $3.03
(Served 4)

(This price breakdown is based on my most recent purchases of these items: $1 for a bag of macaroni and using only 1/4 of that bag, 1/2lb of beef at $2/lb, 900g cheese product purchased for $5 using about 1/5 of package, half a can of corn niblets purchased for $0.66, using only one cup of milk $5.78 for 4L, and just two spoonfuls of a $.50 can of tomato sauce - though I only ever use leftover sauce I already have open in the fridge).

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