Wheat Crackers

IMG_4553bI love Wheat Thins. They're such a delicious snackysnack. Anytime I can get them at a good price - I stock up.

I recently came across a recipe for making your own! And since I'm out of my favorite junk food, I thought it'd be worth a try since I already have the ingredients sitting around!

It tastes very much like wheat thins. Actually, dead-on. And I'm pretty picky - I would notice.

Here is the recipe I used to guide me from The Baker Chick. If you want a more detailed recipe and instructions, I highly recommend reading her article.

Now, I didn't have any butter - so I used some of this Tenderflake Golden Vegetable Shortening I picked up awhile back. It seemed to work fine. Also, I forgot the vanilla. Again, it was still good!

All you have to do is mix wheat flour, sugar, salt, paprika and cut in the butter/shortening with a pastry cutter. Add water and mix. Roll it out real thin, cut squares with a pizza cutter. Bake at 400. Easy peasy. A little tedious, but if you're craving wheat thins definitely worth the time! They were a huge hit in this house - all gone in minutes. I need another batch.

(After doing a price breakdown I realized it isn't much cheaper than buying a box on sale - not when you calculate the effort this takes. However, since I already had the ingredients around it was worth it. And I won't mind doing it again when a craving strikes.)

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