Foaming hand soap!

When my firstborn was potty training, we bought him Kandoo soap. Not cheap. Apparently you can buy refills, but I haven't seen them anywhere we normally shop.
We've been out of liquid handsoap for ages. As an alternative we've been using bar soap in the bathroom and dishsoap/water mix in the kitchen pump.  It's been working, but I really wanted some proper liquid soap. Finally, we picked up a big bucket at WalMart.
I read somewhere than foaming hand soap is the same as regular, it's the pump that makes it foam. So I thought I could use the same cheap soap to refill the kids' pump. Well, it works! Not as simple as just adding soap, though. It needs to be diluted. I used about 1 part soap to 3 or 4 parts water. (It's hard to say exactly, I just kept testing it until it felt right.)

I started writing this post last year and never published it. Since then I've read many other bloggers claim they do the same with their favorite soap, body wash, and even shampoo! I had an old bottle of my favorite (and expensive) body wash sitting in a drawer. I just didn't have the heart to use up the last of it. There wasn't even really enough to pour out onto a loofa. So I filled the bottle with water, swirled it a bit, and added that to one of my foaming dispensers. It worked great! There was plenty of soap, it foamed nicely, and best of all it smelled fantastic!

With this discovery I will never buy foaming hand soaps again (not that I ever did except the Kandoo). Also, it's a great way to use up miscellaneous small bits of liquid soap (including hotel soaps).

So now I have two foaming pumps. I keep one in the bathroom with diluted generic liquid hand soap, but the one in kitchen is mine. In that I use my favorite scented soaps, just for me.

So give it a try. You'll be glad. :)

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