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So, in another attempt to save money this summer (and beyond) we've decided to invest in a bread machine. We've had our eye on a Breadman for a couple of months but they are probably the most expensive brand. But they've had the best reviews and seemed the best option for us.  We finally found a good sale - 40% off at Canadian Tire. So we scooped one up!

Each week we typically would buy a two-pack of D'Italiano or Vilaggio which are typically around $5.50.  That's $2.75 a loaf!  This bread machine cost us $80.  In 4 months it will be entirely paid for. Well, not accounting for the cost of the flour - all of this I will calculate at a later date (after our usual bread recipe & routine have been established).

This machine makes a variety of breads, doughs, and even jams. At first I made dough for dinner rolls and french baguettes.  For both of these I had neither the proper yeast (I had "pizza dough" yeast) or flour (I had to mix all-purpose and bread flour), but they turned out great!  Since then we've made several loaves of basic white bread, and 2lb, but never with the correct flour (but proper "bread machine" yeast). Yet they've all turned out delicious (we've used all-purpose and blending flour mixes - a certain someone accidently bought blending flour instead of bread flour).

I finally tried making a loaf exactly by the recipe (and with the proper bread flour) and it was a near disaster! The dough rose so high that it squished up against the viewing window and I had to open it up and punch it down. Any larger and there could've been a big mess (and I was making a medium sized loaf)!  The bread tasted fine, baked fine, but it was a little flimsy standing up.  I tried again today with half blending and half bread-flour. This time it didn't rise up to the window, but it still produced a large loaf (when I wanted a medium) and it's flimsy and airy. 

Currently, I'm trying the pizza dough. Pictures & more to come!

(PS: I realized that if I wait until a post is "perfect" I will never post anything - so expect lots more half-thoughts and pictureless ramblings in the near future!)

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  1. Fallan

    April 13, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    I like your half-thoughts and pictureless ramblings. =)

  1. Deidra

    April 17, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    Hah, thanks. Expect more ;)

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