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We've rid ourselves of the Bundled Bill Bungle. No more cable/satellite for us! With two little couch-potato-tots what are we gonna do? I'll tell ya: Boxee.

It's this neat little box that connects to our tv (a new one - Christmas gift for hubster). This box has a web browser, built-in apps, connects to our pc, can read USB keys and hard drives (via USB).  Basically, we can watch any tv or movies that we can find online or on our computer.  No subscription needed, just a one-time purchase. (Or, apparently, you can "make your own" by connecting your laptop to the tv....) However, since online television content in Canada is pretty sad, we've added NetFlix. Even NetFlix in Canada is pretty sad, but at least the kids can get their Dora/Diego/George shows.  (BONUS: No commercials!) For those in the US there are a lot more options for streaming television (such as Hulu - we don't get that in Canada).  Plus your NetFlix is awesome.

So, while I'm going to seriously miss my Law & Order, the kids get their favorites on demand and commercial free, hubby gets his movies, and I can still watch new episodes of House/Fringe/30Rock on their Canadian broadasters websites. 

The Boxee Box in Canada cost almost $200, NetFlix is $8/month, but we're saving $80/month by cancelling our satellite subscription.

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